Low-Code Platform for AI and large scale Industrial IoT

Netlume is a comprehensive solution that combines RDFs/Ontologies and Low code AI integration for rapid prototyping of IoT networks and Real-Time Analytics.

What we offer

All-In-One Platform
to build digital twins and deploy AI models on IoT networks

Increasing data availability

Fast prototyping of PoC

Drag-and-Drop Rapid prototyping of AI systems based on data discharges, real-time connections and simulations.

Developer friendly

Smart, powerful APIs

Once connected to your network’s Digital Twin, all your data will be accessible through NetLume’s API . Your data can be used by third party applications or even run automated machine learning pipelines inside NetLume itself. Only the sky is the limit now for your new digital solutions


Low code analytics pipeline

Integrate a combination of existing NetLume based analytics and your own AI solutions


Low code platform for seamless integration of AI applications at scale

NetLume’s Domain Models act as a data standardization and schema integration gateway for both structured and unstructured data. Enabling you to deploy AI models in multiple networks without the need for customization and adaptation, boosting scalability across multiple digital twins.


ETL Pipelines and automated deployment processes by integration of existing information sources like ERP, and GIS


Drag-and-Drop Rapid prototyping of AI systems based on data discharges, real-time connections and simulations.


Use NetLume’s low code data pipelines
to stream the results to your dashboard solution


Automated, unified and simplified lifecycle management for all connected solutions.​


Use of Digital Twins as single point of reference for all structural information for all AI solutions.


Automated reports generation and Notification system for Real-Time network monitoring.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are two licenses, one for the underlying runtime which is measured by data throughput and one which is a per user License to access the platform’s user interface.

Yes we offer enterprise pricing, contact us for more information.

Netlume is a middleware, that offers various methods to seamlessly integrate custom 3rd party solutions

All data is encrypted at all time and can be hosted in the region of your choice

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Netlume is a platform developed and owned by idatase GmbH

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